Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy, Happy Week(end)!

First slumber party in years over the weekend with a failed (attempt) movie marathon. Well, we ended up talking till 3am instead and when we finally decided to watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" we felt sleepy after only 15mins! Yeah, shoPHEIholic and I probably feel more excited about shopping itself than the movie! LOL

You like my new nails from the OPI Hong Kong collection? I want to find shoes and bags in the same colour and shade! So pretty...

Also got new rings from Forever21! The Black & white birds were only RM10 each. Owl was slightly more ex @ RM29...Love them!

Have a great week ahead! xoxox

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Day @ Zoo Negara

Day outs always gets me excited...fresh air, rustling trees, the happy sun, birds chirping, etc...what more can you ask for? 

Okay, yea, so it was a day at the Zoo (read: animals in captivity) but hey, I'm all for educating the public about the different animal species rather than playing some anti-social hand-held game which devoid one of face-to-face conversations. 

Who's gonna go into the forest to find all these animals anyways? Well if you did, you'd be lucky to find one animal staring at you in the face (that leech sucking your blood doesn't count!)

Anyways, Tina, a young female chimpanzee was brought to Zoo Negara (National Zoo) from the Taiping Zoo (Perak) to balance the male-female population ratio.
In order to make sure everyone was a happy camper (an not have any hissy fits) an integration programme had to be put in place so that Tina, Black, Cumbi and Raja could live happily ever after together. This was a cooperative effort between the zoo keepers of Zoo Negara and Hamilton Zoo (New Zealand), facilitated by Way Out Experiences.

It was really interesting to see our closes relative prancing around and have such human-like mannerisms. Although, they are way more muscular than us humans - I think I might follow their diet plan soon!

Our closest cousins...I wonder how we would integrate with them? Or vice versa...Oh wait, humans sometime need integration programmes like this too!

Could I have some sugarcane please? (Check out those muscles! Would you say no?)

Even chimpanzees know they have to smile to get something! (A skill which some humans seem to lack nowadays)

Smiling gets you everywhere, I hear *om nom nom*

One of the social activities between chimpanzees is grooming... the more bald spots you have, the more popular you are! So would you rather be popular and bald or unpopular with a body full of lustrous hair?

Tina setting up her nest...who knows what happens behind closed doors after we leave?

Ahhh the life...

Whatchu looking at?

Other friends at the Zoo...

This project was made possible by Way Out Experiences (WOX). If you love animals, why don't you check out their cool volunteer programs and you get to spend a day (or a week) outdoors.

Love humans and animals alike! Let's hug it out *awwwwwww* xoxo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Touch & Go: Singapore

Short, short trip to Singapore for a mini break. This time it was more interesting as I spent less time in the shopping malls and more time exploring with some friends...

Singapore, the land of Uniformity...

First time in Geylang: To eat the infamous frog legs porridge

and checking out some legs... if you know what Geylang's other specialty is... hee hee hee...*winks*

First time in Resorts World, Sentosa (where the casino and Universal Studios are based)

First time partying at a helipad above New Asia Bar which is on the 75th floor (I think...) with S$10 Moet Chandon! KL when are you gonna up your ante and serve classy drinks at affordable prices?

First time at LaSalle College of the Arts...uber cool and makes me wanna go back to college! Well, only if my college looked like this...

First time at the "karang guni"/thieves market on Sungei Road...very interesting finds they have...

Well, there's always a first time for everything even though you've been there many times! Open your eyes and you will always see something new.

Have a great week ahead! xoxo

For my food diary of my trip, read here!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

My heart just skipped to the stars...!

The term "seeing stars" rings true with these lovely booties...the python embossed leather adds definition to already "powerful" pair *takes my breath away* The studs are also done in an understated and very classy way...

They come in ecru too this spring! *breathe breathe breathe*