Thursday, May 27, 2010

I can't wear my boyfriend's jeans...

But I can wear his socks and Ugg booties...cos his are better winter wear than my tropical socks (which are pretty non-existent) hahaha!

Also my green uggs are still packed away to get around to unpacking!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To (New)market, to (New)market...

The perks of living fairly close to the city is that most places are walk-able/bus-able to. Since I have lived in Auckland before, I didn't have to check out the regular tourist sites so I decided to hit the shops @ Newmarket for some visual retail therapy...

Since it's winter there are boots, boots everywhere! Oxfords, spectators, grannie boots, etc..temptation! Can you spot the leopard print die for...

There were winter sale signs everywhere and some of you might know that I do have a weakness for knitwear...30% off! But alas, I have made a vow not to use my credit card...and have to sigh and look away :(

There are some hidden treasures on Nuffield Street (behind the main drag)...I wish everything was in Ringgit Malaysia...but alas, I am currently not earning an income (yet) in any no shopping for now...

Wilting leaves looking pretty on the the dreary winter some colour.

At the end of the day, I did find myself a little treasure from an awesome stationery store, kikki.K *I couldn't resist* It was too cute!
Hope you get a special delivery this week! (whatever it may be...)xxx

Self-photography, fail...

Greetings from the City of Sails aka Auckland! Without my fashionista sisters (I wish I could pack them in my suitcase) I find it hard taking outfit shots on my own...

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Attempt 3 (accidental click of the finger LOL):

Anyways, you can still see my outfit, right? I need more practice!

Happy smiles and great week ahead!  *ting!*

* * *
On me
Nautical Top: Esprit
Bondage Skirt: Forever 21
Orchid necklace: Risis
Dotty Tights: Isetan
Shoes: Pull & Bear

Monday, May 17, 2010

All Aboard!!! Last Call for shoes!

My packing is never ending arghhh...FINALLY, my last shipment of shoes...My New Balance shoes hiding behind are a MUST TAKE as I need to find a new exercise regime since they have no Jazzercise in Auckland *sniffs*
Have a great week ahead y'all! xxx

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have been Con(verse)-ed...

As hard as I am trying not to shop but you know... sometimes...things just happen when you spot a practical pair of shoes at a good price...

Finally got myself a pair of classic leather converse!!! Yay, yay, yay! I think my feet are thanking me right about now...hee hee...

Now I have to wait for the weather to get cooler before I can start wearing covered shoes again! I don't know how people can wear jeans + sneakers @ 34°C!!! Have a great week ahead and keep cool! xxx

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

We live in a Mad World

Currently reading "The Greatest Works of Kahlil Gibran: Twelve Books in One Omnibus Edition". Am trying to manage to digest this 400-odd pages omnibus in 1 week! *fingers crossed*

One story that struck me to be true was this story from Book Two: THE WANDERER (HIS PARABLES AND HIS SAYINGS)


It was in the garden of a madhouse that I met a youth with a face pale and lovely and full of wonder. And I sat beside him upon the bench, and I said, “Why are you here?”

And he looked at me in astonishment, and he said, “It is an unseemly question, yet I will answer you. My father would make of me a reproduction of himself; so also would my uncle. My mother would have me the image of her seafaring husband as the perfect example for me to follow. My brother thinks I should be like him, a fine athlete.

“And my teachers also, the doctor of philosophy, and the music-master, and the logician, they too were determined, and each would have me but a reflection of his own face in a mirror.

“Therefore I came to this place. I find it more sane here. At least, I can be myself.”

Then of a sudden he turned to me and he said, “But tell me, were you also driven to this place by education and good counsel?”

And I answered, “No, I am a visitor.”

And he answered, “Oh, you are one of those who live in the madhouse on the other side of the wall.”

* * *

For once, the grass is greener on your side. Remember, be yourself and don't conform!

In the world of commercialism...

Even monkeys enjoy some fries from McD's! I'm not sure whether to be amused or be irked with the irresponsible humanoid who gave him the fries!
Taken @ Batu Caves

Monday, May 03, 2010

You wouldn't have guessed...

I have always been trying to be a keen supporter of Made in Malaysia products but at times there aren't just any good products out there to buy!

So when shoPHEIholic showed me Vincci+'s (the higher-end and supposedly better quality version of Vincci) latest collection, this particular pair of shoes caught my eye. It finally hit the stores recently and I was mesmerised! 

2 days old in the store and 20% off for Mother's Day - can you beat that? LOVE IT!

Gonna rock them out this Wednesday at the launch! Happy Monday y'all! No Monday blues for me yay! xoxox