Monday, May 17, 2010

All Aboard!!! Last Call for shoes!

My packing is never ending arghhh...FINALLY, my last shipment of shoes...My New Balance shoes hiding behind are a MUST TAKE as I need to find a new exercise regime since they have no Jazzercise in Auckland *sniffs*
Have a great week ahead y'all! xxx


camel said...

hey shuks! you make me want to go on a holiday dat lasts forever haha! wishful thinking.. neways ze tan laces shoe last row 1st from the right. where zit fr? wanted those since so long hehe

justshuks said...

Hey Cam! hahaha I'm not really on holiday when I am trying to look for a job :(

I got those pair of tan lace-ups from Topshop about a year ago on just have to look out for these types at the stores 'cos they get snapped up pretty quick!

Happy hunting ;)