Monday, June 14, 2010

Off the $10 rack...

Finally made my way to my favourite vintage op shop, This is not a Love Shop on K' Road...lo and behold, they have a new $10 rack in-store *woo hooooooooooooo*

Got some great bargains: (l-r) Tweed jacket, blue boxy short sleeved top, white + patterned long sleeved blouse, nautical short sleeved jacket...

Ahhh I love a good bargain...

I wish it was sunny like this every day ...
* * *
On me
Patterned Top: Vintage/Thrifted
Jacket: Pull & Bear
Shorts: sevendays
Boots: Chinese Laundry

* * *

Oh, by the way, in Kiwiland they like to shorten names here:
Op Shop = Opportunity / Pre-Loved / 2nd Hand Shop
K Road = Karangahape Road
Barbies = Barbecue
Pokies = Poker machines

Monday, June 07, 2010

I miss Stomp Studio but Mount Eden will do...

I think I have been moaning non-stop before I left KL and after I arrived in Auckland on how much I miss my Jazzercise classes at Stomp Studios but alas, what am I to do but try to manage a workout that will hopefully off-set my *healthy* eating habits HAHAHAHA

Well, currently, I live 2 minutes away from Mount Eden and I do try running up there - so far, only twice...hahaha...

One of the routes up the mountain...

At the summit to catch a breather - my poor white New Balances (which are used to indoor use) now have to endure the great outdoors and MUD!!! Arghhhhhhhhh....

The view - I love the balance between city and nature...

Alas, I do feel lucky to have this place to run that is so close by...

Here I go huffing and puffing up the hill with my jazzercise tunes (trying to remember the routines in my head)...hope you guys have a workout you enjoy too! xxx

Friday, June 04, 2010

Sunday is Garden Day...

Due to the lack of sunshine this upcoming winter (oh wait, it's already here?), any chance of those warm rays shining through those heavy clouds are much welcomed...breakfast before the hard work in the vegetable garden...well Elliot would beg to differ LOL

Not ready lahh!

Second try wasn't too bad... hahaha...yes these 2 were the best shots of the lot...not surprising hahaha
* * *
On me
Nautical Striped Top: Esprit
Striped Shorts: Uniqlo
Green Uggs: GoJane

Right, so I'm supposed to write about my gardening expedition... but we can't forget my newly acquired gum boots! Yes, yes, I finally decided on the less flashy, darker coloured pair 'cos it is gonna get muddy anyways, and zebra print just won't do. Imagine how upset I'd get if I got scratched/dirtied those...

My job for the day was sorting out the carrots by sizes for re-planting and planting new seeds! Very amateur stuff but honestly, I'm not a gardener, am I? Neither do I have green fingers...

Here are some sights of the garden...I can't name all of them 'cos I'm not sure what they are LOL...well we all know the pumpkins and broccoli...

Grapefruit growing!

Sweet peas eaten fresh from the garden (which I thought were edamame's at first..doh!)

That's all for now from the vegetable garden...fresh veggies never tasted this nom nom xxx

Thursday, June 03, 2010

First it was Ugg boots, now comes the Gum boots!!!

Finally unpacked *some* of my boxes and found my green uggs and am amazed how the colour coordinates with most of my other favourite colours! 

I just have to say though that these are INDOOR shoes, I repeat, INDOOR, okay? (we don't want any skankalicious-effect, ya know?) Even then, I like coordinating LOL Now, where can I find shoes/heels in the same colour? Maybe something suede will give the same effect.

Now that I am all nice and comfy for the winter nights, I thought I didn't need anymore cute boots for the rest of the season...Boy, was I wrong...There I was, happily minding my own business at the No.1 Shoe Warehouse @ St.Lukes and I stumbled upon these shelves filled with colourful gum boots!

It took me a minute to catch my breath and decide that I had to try on a few pairs! I had to frantically search for my size too! I liked so many of them but they didn't have them in my size *luckily...*

Ended up trying on these two cuties:

(photo taken by LilBrownBuddha on his mobile phone)

While trying to decide which one I wanted (zebra print was totally calling out my name!) But alas, I decided that I had to make a practical decision...gum boots are made for walking in the rain, mud, one did I get? ;) xxx