Friday, June 04, 2010

Sunday is Garden Day...

Due to the lack of sunshine this upcoming winter (oh wait, it's already here?), any chance of those warm rays shining through those heavy clouds are much welcomed...breakfast before the hard work in the vegetable garden...well Elliot would beg to differ LOL

Not ready lahh!

Second try wasn't too bad... hahaha...yes these 2 were the best shots of the lot...not surprising hahaha
* * *
On me
Nautical Striped Top: Esprit
Striped Shorts: Uniqlo
Green Uggs: GoJane

Right, so I'm supposed to write about my gardening expedition... but we can't forget my newly acquired gum boots! Yes, yes, I finally decided on the less flashy, darker coloured pair 'cos it is gonna get muddy anyways, and zebra print just won't do. Imagine how upset I'd get if I got scratched/dirtied those...

My job for the day was sorting out the carrots by sizes for re-planting and planting new seeds! Very amateur stuff but honestly, I'm not a gardener, am I? Neither do I have green fingers...

Here are some sights of the garden...I can't name all of them 'cos I'm not sure what they are LOL...well we all know the pumpkins and broccoli...

Grapefruit growing!

Sweet peas eaten fresh from the garden (which I thought were edamame's at first..doh!)

That's all for now from the vegetable garden...fresh veggies never tasted this nom nom xxx

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