Thursday, June 03, 2010

First it was Ugg boots, now comes the Gum boots!!!

Finally unpacked *some* of my boxes and found my green uggs and am amazed how the colour coordinates with most of my other favourite colours! 

I just have to say though that these are INDOOR shoes, I repeat, INDOOR, okay? (we don't want any skankalicious-effect, ya know?) Even then, I like coordinating LOL Now, where can I find shoes/heels in the same colour? Maybe something suede will give the same effect.

Now that I am all nice and comfy for the winter nights, I thought I didn't need anymore cute boots for the rest of the season...Boy, was I wrong...There I was, happily minding my own business at the No.1 Shoe Warehouse @ St.Lukes and I stumbled upon these shelves filled with colourful gum boots!

It took me a minute to catch my breath and decide that I had to try on a few pairs! I had to frantically search for my size too! I liked so many of them but they didn't have them in my size *luckily...*

Ended up trying on these two cuties:

(photo taken by LilBrownBuddha on his mobile phone)

While trying to decide which one I wanted (zebra print was totally calling out my name!) But alas, I decided that I had to make a practical decision...gum boots are made for walking in the rain, mud, one did I get? ;) xxx

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