Friday, October 23, 2009

My new toy: Canon G11!

Now, I'm not really a gadget person but I do like to take photos (of the scenery, people and myself *LOL*)...after playing around with Kazzy's Canon G11, I decided that I was in love and I needed to get one for myself...after a few days of thinking, I finally decided to get it! *Yay!*

I'm still playing around with the various functions and settings but here are some shots I took after buying it~! The shots may look slightly pixelated as I had to shrink the size for faster upload.

The camera is so super clear, you can see how dirty the mirror is! (played with the white balance and exposure)

Here's a shot taken at my neighbourhood bus stop...

A homemade Kuih Lepa all the way from Terengganu *yums*

My all time favourite portrait of Kaz...

 One of me and Wills (taken by Kaz)

On me
Slouchy beanie: Promod
Top: Topshop
Tights: Forever 21
Fabric Hip Belt: Aotea Square Markets, Auckland
Shoes: Just Kulkith


Kierra said...

Heya! Just realised you left a comment on my blog. You're right my hair is getting long - and so is yours! Tempted to chop quite a bit off but think I would regret it.

Very jealous of your new toy, looking forward to seeing what you snap with it!

Anonymous said...

Lovin the beanie!!