Monday, November 23, 2009

One FUGU-tastic Experience

When Akira-san @ Munakata, told us a few months ago about the upcoming Fugu (pufferfish) season in November/December, we were counting down the days to sample this elusive sea creature.

We started off with the Zensai (Appetizer) which I think had parts of a Fugu...The dish was cold with a gelatin texture and is salty to "open" your appetite for the next dish.

Next up, our favourite, sashimi! With, of course, the star of the night, Fugu! *doh* The texture was tender but jellyfish-like with a slight fish taste without the fishy smell. Hard to describe the feeling in your mouth but the distinct freshness and quality of the fish gave me goosebumps! 

After the sashimi, we proceeded to our Fugu Shiri (steamboat) which was a nice, pleasant touch to a cold rainy night...The soup tasted very "green" from all the fresh veggies and a hint of fugu from the bones and leaner parts. There were a few grilled mochi which was thrown in soup that became total mush...not sure what that was for thicken the soup from the starch? Who knows...

The stock from the steamboat is then used for Fugu Zosui (porridge). The process was easy - just put in some salt, japonica (short-grain variety of rice) and the magic touch of raw eggs, added in at the end, to bring the dish together.

The eggy porridge eaten with Oshinko (pickles) was pure porridge bliss...I could have eaten that all night long!

Some other delectable treats we couldn't resist...How could we say no to Akira-san and OTOROOOOOOOOOOOOO~!

Oops, forgot to add my sister's fave, garlic fried rice which was super yum~!

Of course, I could never miss out on dessert at Munakata. Classic Japanese Green Tea ice-cream with Adzuki beans always a winner...

Cutely peeled grapes that tasted so sweet and yet had a slight fermented taste - which felt as if you were having a juicy wine ball *awesome*

Overall, it was an great dinner with fabulous company (as always) in a cosy environment...

A hot cup of o-cha that complemented this loverly meal 


shuks said...

what happened to the garlic fried rice picture??

justshuks said...

oops, sorry, dunno why I missed that out heheh...just added! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yum Yum!!! Lets go again!

Kierra said...

glad you both survived the fugu experience! I like how they used the fish in so many different ways.

i might have to see how they do the grapes for my next party!!