Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prelude to My 28 Birthday on the 28th! It's gonna be DYNO!

It's happening this Saturdayyyyy!

The theme of the party is two of my favourite things - the 80's (the era I born) and the colour blue ;)

In preparation, I got my nails coloured blue - I wanted a more striking cobalt blue but they didn't have this turquoise one as well, added the glitter for a touch of disco ;)
Can't wait to rock out my blue suede shoes tooo! Love the 80s detailing...
These are times when I love being a girl! It is the shizzzzznit (did you know it was coined in the 80s?) xoxox


My pretty, pretty, pretty necklaces from Teresa of firstfan has arrived in time for my partyyyy! They are so gorgeous (and even better, handmade!), can't wait to wear them! No prizes for guessing which one I'm wearing for my 28th! ;)

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