Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes (and Oops...), I did it again!

Okay, so who actually buys 2 sunnies in 1 month? *meekly raises hand up*

Sooooo...I went to Reliance to get my Wayfarers cleaned (well 'cos I was in the area, honest!) and there it was, sitting prettily on counter...a limited edition (made for the Japan market) Ray Ban Aviators in chocolate brown calling out to me, "try me, try me, try me...." *sucker* 

I always wanted a pair of Aviators but was never too keen on the gold/silver metal frames...that was why I was attracted to these understated frames...
Well, now I realise the value in spending slightly more for the comfort and quality of proper sunglasses (compared to the fashion/trendy ones that are a fraction of a proper one) 
 Invest in a good pair of sunnies! You won't regret it xoxo

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