Monday, December 07, 2009

How we spent our Saturday @ The BUY nothing DAY Bazaar

Last Saturday, Phei and I sold our pre-loved/never worn wares at the BUY nothing DAY Bazaar in Rasta, TTDI. Shopper traffic was a bit slow but we still managed to sell some of our beloved items that needed new homes. 

Lady Bosses for the Day 
(No, we didn't plan our outfits, we just happen to wear nearly the exact same things! Although, the Aviators are from Phei)
* * *
On me
Aviators: Ray-Bans
Dress worn as Top: Melt @ Robinsons 
Denim shorts: Tea & Sympathy, Bangsar
Ribbon necklace: uricrafts 
Canvas shoes: Giordano Concept Store 
* * *
Our Supervisor making sure we make necessary nudges to interested customers...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our store, much appreciated :)

What we saw...
Taking grey to a new level
I was fascinated by this girl's headscarf which had a peacock pattern with pink accents *lovely*

This guy had an awesome vintage camera that still works!*awesome*
Lacy tights, racy shoes *sexy*
Hot tights, hot shoes
Another lovely grey outfit on a sunny Saturday!
She is one hot mama in a gorgeous dress

Well, that's all for now. 
Have a great week full of laughter and sunshine!

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janislim said...

oo i love the raybans on u! n ur hair looked good!