Monday, December 14, 2009

Ode to Dexter...

If some of you read my earlier post on Dexter, you would have remembered how I was speaking of happiness and sunshine. Unfortunately, for Dexter, the sun has stopped shining for him as he passed away last week due to unknown causes.

Ode to Dexter
A cracker from my hand you'd never deny,
A hug and a kiss you are always too shy,
Gone too soon some may say,
But in bunny heaven you will frolic and play all day.

You will be dearly missed by your best buddies,
Dusty, Bob, Teh C Peng & Meow


janislim said...

ah so sad.
the kitties are so damn adorable tho! escp the orange one - bob? mata terbeliak. so cute! wanna huggy

Kierra said...

such a cute rabbit, I can see why he will be missed. I'd love a house rabbit just flopping around home, don't think either my mum or andy would be happy about that *sigh*